Banana Dream

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If you have a pet monkey, our banana flavor will undoubtedly be his absolute favorite kind of gourmet taffy. And may we add, that if you have a pet monkey, we think you're pretty awesome. Taffy Shop's Banana Dream salt water taffy is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.


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Lydia 16th Jun 2016

Awesome Product

This is the best website ever. I took a trip to Sacramento and had some salt water taffy and it reminded me of when I was little. I'm so happy that I found this website.

Mike 11th Feb 2016

Very good authentic taste. A winner

I very rarely eat sweets. A month ago I randomly decided to look online for saltwater taffy. A friend had sent my wife some from Atlantic City. I found this website and decided to try their taffy. Well, I have reordered several times since then. I am amazed that after a lifetime of avoiding sweets, this taffy has me hooked. Great stuff.

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