5 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Taffy

If you were around for the original MacGyver in the 80's, then you'll know just how awesome this guy really was back in the day:

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So how can you be the MacGyver of Taffy and save the day?  Well, here are 5 ways we've come up with to make you the hero:

Tip # 1

Fix a broken heart.  ...... It's better than a rose! 

HeartImage result for The Bachelor rose image

Tip # 2

Fix a leaky bucket.  It works!....... Well, at least for a little while! 


Tip # 3 

Get someone to quit talking..... just keep the pieces going 1 or 2 at a time!  

Image result for person talking too much Image result for image stuffed cheeks

Tip # 4 

Taffy is way cheaper than therapy......

Image result for Kid smiling with tears image

Tip # 5

A cure for the #hangry

Image result for hangry images

You're welcome! 

7th Nov 2018

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