Get the summer sparks flyin' by poppin' in a Creamsicle taffy!

Get the summer sparks flyin' by poppin' in a Creamsicle taffy!

I don't know about you but as a child, popsicles were a summer STAPLE!! Popsicles just seem to have a certain nostalgia that comes along with them. In fact, memories of the Fourth of July as a kid come to my head when thinking about this summery treat. All the cousins gather on the front lawn of Grandma and Grandpa's and before the firework show begins, Grandpa goes to the freezer and comes back with a large brown bag filled to the top with popsicles! All growing up it wasn't a firework show unless there were popsicles.

With that being said, it is FINALLY the season of sun, swimming, fireworks, cold drinks, adventuring, sunscreen, vacationing, and everything else FUN... SUMMER! We think you should kick off your summer by trying something new and oh-so dreamy... our Creamsicle Salt Water Taffy. Maybe you'll be trying the taffy for the first time, but the swirly mix of tangy orange and the creamiest creme flavors are something that are undeniably familiar and nostalgic. Pop one of these babies in your mouth and queue past memories of soaking up the sun with a creamsicle in hand! Or in my case, let the fireworks begin!!! ;)

12th Jun 2019 Hannah

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