It's Never Too Late to Say....... say it with taffy shop.

Let's face it, we've all been there. You forgot. You dropped the ball.  It just flew over your head.  Life just passed you by in your ever-busy world. How do you ever make it up to them?

Well, as long as you're breathing.... it's never too late to say what you want to say. So... 

Say it with Taffy Shop taffy!

An event has passed and you forgot to congratulate.  So, say it with taffy! Here's an idea: Tell them, "You are the World's Best (Fill in the blank)!" and send them our World's Best bag!


A birthday was missed and now you're scrambling to wish a "belated" happy birthday.

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So, say it with taffy!  Did you know that we can write a little note to the intended recipient of the taffy? Absolutely!  At check-out, in the "Order Comments" section,

just let us know you'd like us to write a little note and let us know what to write! We'll get that included with the order! 


A kind gesture was made and an appropriate "Thank You" wasn't replied.


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So, say it with taffy!  At the bottom of each red taffy bag, where we write either the name of the flavor in the bag, the name of the mix in the bag or that it is a custom mix,

e can write "Thank You" on the bag for you!  Just let us know in the comment section about that and we can do that for you!


A mistake was made and you're struggling to say "I'm sorry".  

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So, say it with taffy!  Tell them you're sorry for being such a turd and send them this:


You're giddy and twitterpated and just don't know how to say those three big words....


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So, say it with taffy!  Send them Chocolate Lover's or Caramel Lover's Mix! 


You just wanted to let someone know you were thinking about them but don't know quite how to do it...  

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So, say it with taffy! For this one, the sky is the limit!  Visit and choose from any of our over 70 flavors, create your own mix or send them one of our mixes we've already created for you!  Easy peasy!

And just like that, you've remembered!  And even better, you've sent them the most delicious, gourmet salt water taffy to enjoy!  See?  It's never too late to say it! 

19th Jun 2018

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