It's The Season of Celebrating the Home of the Free....


If you didn't finish the title above with "and the brave... every heart beats true over red, white and blue" then take it as a sign that you need to get in Fourth of July mode ASAP 'cause it's just around the corner!!!

I'm getting all giddy thinking about the parades, treats, firework shows, and parties that are awaiting us! I think it's inevitable to have sweet, fun-filled memories when it comes to this holiday. When I think of the Fourth of July growing up, parades were the center of our day. I specifically remember my favorite parade candy being the peppermint salt water taffy with the red and blue stars on the wrapper. 


I would do all that I could to get my hands on these tasty babies ^^^^. I even remember loving them so much that I'd stash my them away and save them so I could enjoy a peppermint taffy at different times of the year. If only my seven year old self could see me now, working in a salt water taffy shop surrounded by more peppermint taffy than you could imagine haha!!

Anyways, salt water taffy is a Fourth of July STAPLE, so we love this time of year over here at Taffy Shop. Start preparing for your festivities now and order taffy today!!!

19th Jun 2019 Hannah

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