Speedy Delivery! Getting shipments out as quickly...

Speedy Delivery!  

Do you remember this iconic character from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood?  It's Mr. McFeely!  Speedy Delivery!

Here's a little song to remember him by:

That's a trip down memory lane! - or maybe just a trip.....But either way, Taffy Shop is our name and speedy delivery is our game!  We strive to do our best to fill your Taffy Shop order quickly and on its way out the door to you, our amazing customers!

Taffy Shop has our own Mr. McFeely too! - well, we actually have a few Mr. McFeely's, but here's a picture we took of what his truck often looks like.

Speedy Delivery

Awesome, right?!  Nothin' but taffy!  That's what we like to see! 

So, where in the world are these packages going to?  We get asked questions about shipping a lot, especially international shipments.  We recently ran a report to see the top 13 countries we ship to and here they are: (not in any particular order)

United States









South Korea



United Kingdom

Pretty neat to know that Taffy Shop salt water taffy is spanning the globe!  And we're just getting started!  Taffy on, Dudes! 

Image result for globe gif

6th Jul 2018

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