It is now the middle of July and summer is in full swing... that includes the summer heat. It's crazy how much a cold drink or treat can make the temperature seem to drop! For some reason, summer has always has been the ultimate smoothie season for me. My cravings became so frequent that my bank account couldn't handle the weekly (and ok I'll admit, sometimes daily) smoothie purchase, so I had to find recipes of my own to make at home.

I thought I'd bless your hot summer days with my 3 favorite smoothies recipes... you're welcome ;)


But wait!!! Before all you smoothie lovers dig into these recipes, did you know we have a strawberry banana smoothie flavored taffy?? It is a summer must try!!!^^^

PB, Choc & Banana Smoothie:

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Chocolate almond milk

1 banana

1 spoonful of crunchy peanut butter

A handful of ice

(Optional- a handful or two of greens if you're feelin' healthy)

Directions- BLEND IT UP! Super easy!

Superfruit Acai Smoothie:

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1 frozen acai berry packet (can be found at Harmon's, Costco, and generally most regular grocery stores)

Small handful of blueberries (frozen or refrigerated)

Frozen strawberries (and sometimes I add frozen peach slices)

Splash of water

(Optional- blend in some granola to make a thicker- heartier smoothie

-if you like sweeter smoothies, add in a squirt of honey or agave)

Directions- BLEND UP! This smoothie can be a little harder to blend with the frozen acai so sometimes you have to work with it while it's blending.

Watermelon Mint Smoothie:

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2 cups or so of frozen cubed watermelon

2 or 3 mint leaves

1 handful of ice


(Optional- for added sweetness add a spoonful of sugar or honey)


17th Jul 2019 Hannah

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