The Most Popular Day to Buy Taffy, Its Taffy Tuesday.

The Most Popular Day to Buy Taffy, Its Taffy Tuesday.

What's the best day to buy taffy?  Well, let's be honest.  ANY day is the best day to buy taffy!  But do you know what day is the most popular day to buy taffy?  We've done some research, ran a few reports and figured this one out.  

Have you guessed it?  

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Tuesday is the most popular day to buy taffy! Why that is, we don't know.  All we have to say is, Move over Taco Tuesday!  It's Taffy Tuesday!  


Now if you want to get even more technical..... the most popular hours to buy taffy is between 12 pm - 2 pm (MST) and then again from 5pm - 9pm (MST).  Interesting, right?  Well, it is to us anyhow.  

So, today is your day!  THE best day to buy salt water taffy and we've got the best!  Our taffy is whipped, soft and oh so gourmet-y delicious!  (Is gourmet-y even a word?)  Ok, maybe not.  But either way it's de-lish!! With over 70 flavors to choose from, I'm sure we've got your favorites!  Come on, you know your mouth is watering.  So we'll make this easy on ya..... Just click on the link below.  You're welcome! 


28th Aug 2018

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