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Remember sitting on the curb during the summer and waiting to hear the faint sounds of the ice cream truck? You'd chase the truck down, so you could order one of those amazingly creamy and orangey popsicles. Our Creamsicle gourmet taffy tastes just like those delicious treats! Added bonus: you don't have to wait on a curb or chase down a truck to get a hold of that yummy flavor. We'll have it delivered to you. Taffy Shop's Creamsicle salt water taffy is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.


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Jessica 24th Feb 2017

What a dreamy orange cream!

An exact replica of the summer staple: the orange cream popsicle, without the brain freeze! This orange cream taffy has the immediately recognizeable ratio of fluffy cream flavor to crisply-sweet orange; it's so spot-on that there's no mistaking it for its simply orange sibling. A wonderful and fun take on the nostalgic treat!

18th Dec 2016

i bought these for my granddaughter and she had them gone in 2 days.

Love your taffy

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