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  • Create Your Own 1 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Create Your Own 1 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Taffy Shop Flavor Chart
  • Create Your Own 1 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Create Your Own 1 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Taffy Shop Flavor Chart


Can't decide which taffy to buy? We don'’t blame you! That's why we offer the Taffy Shop "Create Your Own Mix" option. Don't settle for just one flavor, you've got one full pound of variety. Taffy Shop's salt water taffy is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.

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88 Reviews

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    Choose your own flavors 1 lb bag

    Posted by Susan Farrell on 13th Jan 2019

    Great flavors to choose from just wish there was molasses and maple flavors from which to choose. Maybe I just missed them in the list. But all flavors are wonderful

  • 5
    Jenna Ries

    Posted by Jenna Ries on 20th Dec 2018

    Exactly what I expected. My boyfriend loved it!!

  • 5
    One pound mix

    Posted by Sue on 24th Nov 2018

    This was the best salt water taffy ever. It came quickly to my address. I liked that I could pick whichever flavors I wanted in my mix. It was perfect for the gender reveal party I threw.

  • 5

    Posted by Pat Boudreaux on 15th Sep 2018

    Yummy and so fast getting to me

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    Awesome Flavor

    Posted by Angie on 14th Sep 2018

    I really love the taffy. I got maple and banana. I honestly cannot stop eating it. I just got the bag, and I have almost ate the whole thing. They also included a sample bag with different flavors to try. Very speedy shipping. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Diane on 14th Sep 2018

    The BEST taffy I have ever had!! I will be ordering more very soon!

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph Feilen on 10th Sep 2018

    It's the greatest

  • 5

    Posted by JoanMarie on 16th Aug 2018

    Excellent service and without a doubt the best taffy in the market! Every flavor "is" what it "is"..DELICIOUS!!!

  • 5
    Another Delicious Assortment

    Posted by Jeffrey Magnet on 9th Aug 2018

    I continue to be impressed by the quality of Taffy. It is always fresh and delicious.

  • 5

    Posted by Pat Boudreaux on 5th Aug 2018

    Always wonderful...

  • 4
    Taffy: Assorted

    Posted by Alecia Conner on 20th Jul 2018

    This taffy has the best texture of any taffy I've eaten, even my own homemade variety. It is soft, smooth, tacky, and didn't stick to the paper, even though I got it in the middle of the summer. It's amazing.

    It is much saltier than any taffy I've had before, including the saltwater taffy I bought at the beach. Once I got used to it though, it was great.

    I got several types, and they threw in a few of their top flavors with it.
    Fresh Mango: This tastes just like mango, but I'm not sure I like salty with mango taste. That's just a preference.
    Huckleberry: This tastes like generic blueberry, and that was disappointing to me. It was still very good. I just hoped for huckleberry.
    Juicy Pear: This tasted like salty, sweet, and green. I can't say that it tasted anything like a pear I've ever had. I would not recommend this one.
    Pomegranate: This tasted just like the fruit, and it paired well with the salty taffy. It reminded me of hibiscus tea, if you mixed that with pomegranate. I would definitely buy this one again. It was wonderful.
    Neapolitan: This was a free sample, so it isn't one I'd choose for myself, just because it is not a favorite. It was delicious though! If it's one of your go-to flavors, you will love it.
    Birthday Cake: This was another free sample and not a flavor I usually enjoy. I like things that taste like cake to be cake. That said, it was also delicious, and if you like cake flavored candy, you'll love this. It was cute too, with the little sprinkle colors mixed in.
    Peanut Butter: This one was amazing. I will definitely by this one again. It was like peanut butter pie, except smoother and lighter. I could have eaten a pound of just this.
    Molasses something?? I couldn't find a flavor that was molasses anything, but that was definitely the flavor of the taffy. Whatever it was, it was so good! It reminds of that old candy that you used to get at Halloween, but it didn't stick all over the paper and pull out your fillings, like the old candy. It was so yummy!
    Peppermint: This is usually one of my favorite flavors of saltwater taffy, but this one was so mild. I would eat it, but I wouldn't pick it for myself.

    I will definitely buy another bag, but I will choose new flavors next time (but probably Peanut Butter too). I will definitely buy from Taffy Shop when buying more taffy. I will look forward to the next batch!

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    1 # create your own flavors

    Posted by Debbie P on 16th Jun 2018

    Taffy was fresh a very tasty

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