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Do you have your favorite sugar free flavors you just can't live without? That's why we offer the Taffy Shop "Create Your Own Assortment" options. Don't settle for just one flavor, you've got two full pounds of variety. Taffy Shop's salt water taffy is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.


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SUSAN 19th Mar 2016


As a 50+ year diabetic, I have learned that I need to count my carbs when I eat everything. I like the sugarfree taffy, but it seems to have more CARBS than the nonsugarfree and not as many flavors to choose from. It tastes really good and has a smooth texture, but too many carbs for me.

23rd Nov 2015

Mixed Flavors

Like all taffy, you must store in cool place for it to come off of the wrapper. I have 4 flavors in this review.Vanilla-Good stuff, Bananna-Taste like banannas! Good stuff, Strawberry- not as impressive but still pretty good, Cinnamon- Should be called Fireball. It taste to me like the fireball candy, Hot! All flavors are good and I will reorder again.

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