Saltair I Pavillion

saltair-i-small.jpgMost historians agree that Salt Water Taffy originated on the Atlantic City boardwalk in the late 1880's. Saltair Resort opened on the shores of the Great Salt Lake in 1893. Soon after opening Salt Water Taffy became a popular treat at Saltair and other Great Salt Lake resorts. At first, the taffy was pulled and cut by hand. In the 1920's the process was mechanized, but the original flavor and quality is still retained.

Saltair II Pavillion

saltair-ii-small.jpgIn 1923 the Glade Candy Company started using their famous whipped nougat process for making Salt Water Taffy. The original Saltair burned in 1925 and a larger and better Saltair II was rebuilt and opened in 1926.

Saltair III Pavillion

saltair-iii-small.pngSaltair II burned in 1970. Thirteen years later in 1983 Saltair III was opened to continue the Saltair tradition. And, of course, Salt Water Taffy is still a major attraction for visitors to the Great Salt Lake.