Create Your Own 1/2 LB Mix

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  • Create Your Own 1/2 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Create Your Own 1/2 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Taffy Shop Flavor Chart
  • Create Your Own 1/2 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Create Your Own 1/2 LB Assortment Salt Water Taffy
  • Taffy Shop Flavor Chart


Can't decide which taffy to buy? We don't blame you! That's why we offer the Taffy Shop "Create Your Own Assortment" option. Don't settle for just one flavor, you've got a half pound of variety and can choose up to 3 different flavors. Taffy Shop's salt water taffy is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.

Approximate Pieces Per Bag: 30

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37 Reviews

  • 5
    So tasty

    Posted by Kisha on 16th May 2021

    Brought this as a gift and my mom loved it. It was worth buying and will recommend this treat to friends and family.

  • 1
    Create Your Own 1/2 Lb Mix

    Posted by Tammy on 14th May 2021

    Very disappointed in all the taffy I received. It was very tough and unpleasant flavoring. :(

  • 5
    Love this Taffy

    Posted by ELISSA FOSTER on 25th Mar 2021

    I enjoy having this company's taffy. They are very good. My favorite has become the Popcorn and green apple.

  • 5
    1/2 lb mix

    Posted by Orvilla Chavez on 16th Aug 2020

    Very good

  • 5
    6 bags I created, each different

    Posted by jamet macomber on 23rd Jul 2020

    It's not your fault that I gained 40 lbs. Nobody will admit the taffy is high calorie and I tend to eat it non-stop.
    I fantasize about the beach when eating it. I'm resignded to rationing the taffy, theoretically. We'll see how long that lasts--probably as long as it takes to eat up three pounds. The sugar high lasts for only a few hours so it's omly a temporary condition. It's worth every minute.

  • 4

    Posted by Mike Bruening on 5th Apr 2020

    Taffy Shop's flavors range from really good to really great, but the variety available per product ranges from pathetic to pitiful. As of this review, the half-pound Custom Mix is the most efficient means of sampling every flavor on the menu, and you would still need to buy 12.5 pounds of taffy to accomplish such a feat (that number doesn't even include special mix flavors like Peach Lemonade).

    With 74 regular flavors currently on offer, you would have to purchase 40 pounds of product if you opted for the five-pound bags, since those limit you to 10 choices -- a measly 13.5% of The Shop's standard repertoire!

    Taffy Shop, please consider increasing the number of flavor choices you provide to customers, at least with your larger-size products. Capitalize on the incredible variety of your inventory, transforming it from a source of frustration into the asset it should be.

    ... Failing that, maybe stop making so many flavors I like?

    Your delicious variety of taffy cries out for an Ultimate Sampler Pack. It would make the perfect gift, since you wouldn't have to try guessing which flavors the recipients would enjoy most, and it would greatly improve the odds that they would find flavors they love, turning them into customers themselves. Also, those who appreciate it might copy the gift idea and buy a sample pack for others, further spreading the Taffy Shop addiction.

    Another time-tested gift idea would be an annual "Mix of the Month" subscription.

  • 5
    Created three of my own one-half mixes, at one time, then repeated

    Posted by Janet on 3rd Dec 2019

    Attention all you earth dwellers who haven't made it to heaven yet. This is a quick trip after forgiveness for eating six one-half bags in a week. You'll never get inocence back, but, just imagine such rapture in so many flavors! I bet you didn't know that angels work in the warehouse.

  • 5
    Sixteen favorite flavors--how to do it and save postage.

    Posted by Janet. a believer in the healing properties of taffy. on 7th Nov 2019

    Simple math. Go in for Create a half pound bag, do it, then do another, then another, then another. You won't have all the flavors but enough to form a bond with Taffyshop. Meditation and prayer are effective for most problems, but taffy will comfort the soul every time.

  • 5
    sf taffy

    Posted by suzanne haraputczyk on 7th Oct 2019


  • 5
    A dream when awake.

    Posted by Janet on 28th Sep 2019

    What can I say? I ate a pound (2 half pound bags) in several days. Time to order again.

  • 5

    Posted by Bobby on 9th Sep 2019

    Completely awesome-love the chocolate malted!!!

  • 5
    Any flavor, any amount, same divine effect.

    Posted by Janet Macomber on 1st Aug 2019

    Made for heavenly consumption. Immediate acquisition of grace and transformation of customers.

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