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You know what? Life is all about the perfect balance--yin and yang, etc. That's why we used just the right of sweetness and sourness to create our gourmet Fresh Mango taffy; it's the best of both worlds! Taffy Shop's Fresh Mango salt water taffy is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.


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Linda 1st Oct 2016

Mango receives 5 Stars

Of all the flavors of taffy, Mango ranks supreme with me. I regret that it is only available as a seasonal product, but do enjoy it while it is available for a taste that can only be described as supergobslopscious!

Candi Calvac-Perez 24th Oct 2013

Soft and subtle

This mango isn't gonna smack you down instead it's soft and subtle but enough flavor so that you know the taste. It's like a fresh mango not the dried stuff but not so overwhelming that it tastes fake or wants to make you gag.

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