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We know that when you were a kid you loved the combination of creamy, minty, chocolatey goodness. Order some of our gourmet Mint Chocolate taffy. It's time you relived your childhood. Taffy Shop's Mint Chocolate salt water taffy is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.


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AKP 3rd Jul 2014

Chocolate with a minty twist

These have a flavor very much like the Andes mint, only mellowed by the softness and sugary nature of taffy. It's quite delicious, giving you both the sweetness and richness of chocolate with the cool bit of mint underneath. Very nice.

Candi Calvac-Perez 24th Oct 2013

Almost like an Andie

You can definitely tell this a mint chocolate. It's almost like eating an Andie's mint except chewy. Mint chocolate is one of my favs and this nailed it!

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