Sassy Sour Mix

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Our Sassy Taffy assortment is tart, tangy, and terrific! It is a favorite amongst kids, but hey, we think anyone can enjoy it! You can only get this unique taffy in this assortment. Flavors include: Sassy Grape, Sassy Blue Raspberry, Sassy Lemon, Sassy Orange, Sassy Green Apple, and Sassy Cherry. Taffy Shop's Sassy Taffy assortment is guaranteed fresh. Made with love in the USA.


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28th Feb 2016


Absolutely THE best taffy around!! Sassy taffy is my favorite. Would love to be able to order in my own flavor mix, though.

Christy 14th Apr 2015

I'm addicted to Sassy Taffy!!!

This is by far the BEST Taffy I have ever had!!!! I refuse to share with the kids :)

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